SNAP Benefits

This season we are proud to be working with LiveWell Colorado in order for you to use your SNAP benefits to purchase one of our CSA shares! With the Double Up Bucks program you will essentially be paying for half of your share with your SNAP benefits while the other half will be covered by the Double Up funds.

The way it works is:

  • Total cost for CSA for whole season is $400

  • SNAP customers will use $200 of their benefits over the course of the season

  • You will pay for every other share using your EBT card and then the following week your share will be free, covered by Double Up

  • SNAP customers may only pick up at the Smiley Market Tuesday evenings from 3-6pm June 17th- October 1st. We will be accepting SNAP throughout the market so you may use you EBT card to purchase from other vendors as well!

Please note that while you are only paying for every other week, we count on all of our CSA members to pick up every week so please make sure to commit to the full 16-week program. To sign up please fill out the below form:

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Smiley Market only for SNAP customres
CSA Member Agreement
As a CSA Member: I understand that I am committing to the 2019 growing and production season of the High Pine Produce CSA Program. I understand that our farmers will do their very best to provide a season’s worth of diversified fresh and delicious produce. I understand that I am sharing in the risks and challenges inherent to farming. I understand that there will be variations in the quantity and the quality of food that I receive, depending on weather and other factors. I understand that CSA Shares are non-refundable and in the event of a complete crop loss on the farm, I will not hold the farmers responsible nor will I seek reimbursement. I understand that it is my responsibility to pickup the CSA Share at the designated time and location each week or to coordinate with a friend or family member to pickup the share for me. I understand that email is the primary method of communication from the farm and I agree to open and read emails from the farm.