CSA Week 12- A Thousand Words

A perfect batch of baby asian greens being cut in the early morning light.

A perfect batch of baby asian greens being cut in the early morning light.

What’s in Your Share?

Asian greens

Instead of mixing these incredibly tender and delicious baby asian greens into the salad mix, we wanted to give you the option of either braising them or simply adding them to your favorite salads. Either way, enjoy!

Bunch of carrots

This week’s batch of carrots is coming from our newest block that will be destined to be our storage crop later this fall, however some of them are sizing up enough to be devoured now! The tops on these are seriously huge so we trimmed them down a bit so they can fit in your box. Want to make some nutrient-packed carrot juice but don’t have a juicer? Check out some alternatives

Cherry tomatoes (other half of shares this week)

For those of you that missed the cherry tomato train last week, fear not, for your box has arrived this week! If you can manage to not eat the whole box on your way home, try this cherry tomato and mozzarella salad.

Surprise Napa cabbage!

Surprise Napa cabbage!

Napa cabbage

Honestly, I almost forgot I planted these things until last week when I pulled back the row cover and saw their big beautiful heads- surprise! With a taste and texture more similar to bok choy than your traditional cabbage, these crispy-leaved behemoths make a stellar kimichi or stir fry. Check out this article for a more in-depth look and some tasty recipes!

Pickling cucumber

Time to get to picklin’! This week we included a pound or two of a pickling variety of cucumber along with a bunch of dill so that you can easily make some dill pickles and savor the flavor well into the off season. If pickles aren’t your thing try a cucumber salad.

Bunch of dill

Find out how to use up that bunch of dill here!

Salad mix

We’re happy to see our greens production back on the up and up! They should be around until the end of season so don’t forget to make some yummy DIY salad dressings in preparation.

Spring onions

Our onions still have a little time left in the field to size up into an acceptable storage crop, however that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the simple pleasures of caramelized onions right now!

Slicing tomatoes

Well folks, I can finally say that we’ve successfully grown vine-ripened tomatoes at 7,000ft! It seems like it’s been a long time coming, nonetheless we are proud of the hard work and patience that we put in this season and I think you’ll taste buds will agreed :) just a taste this week, so use them how you will!

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