CSA Week 15- End of an Era

Megan, excited to be spending more and more time off of the farm!

Megan, excited to be spending more and more time off of the farm!

Good morning CSA Members,

It brings me great joy to be sitting on my desk, drinking a warm cup of coffee watching the sun rise over the eastern horizon, a ritual that reminds me of my younger days at Fort Lewis College when I would be up at this time of the day scrambling to prepare for the long hours of class ahead of me. A lot has changed since those days (like looking out over a vista of farm fields), however the one thing that remains is the cherished feeling of academic wonder that seems to fill me up every year around this time. Something about having the wild pace of summer slow into the shorter days of fall signals my brain to transition from survival mode to reflective curiosity in which researching and scheming for future plans resonates most loudly within me.

This season, my retrospective tendencies drift towards thinking about the last four years spent starting my farm business and the training grounds where I’ve learned to hone my skills- the Old Fort. For those of you who don’t know what the Old Fort in Hesperus is, it was the old site of Fort Lewis College (with a long and often troubled history before that…) that more recently has served as a beginning farmer hotspot in our region. Thanks the Market Garden Incubator Program that is house there, I was able to start High Pine with zero debt or personal investment, allowing me to pursue my farming career without the fear of going under right off the bat. The following years I found myself day in and day out working the clay loam soil found there, spending my breaks perched under a hundred year old apple tree, daydreaming about the day that I would find my own piece of land. Well that time has come (sooner that I ever could’ve imagined) and now the time has come to bid adieu to my humble piece of rented land and the fellow farmers and mentors that I have shared my time with there. While I am beyond excited to continue digging my roots deeper and deeper into my new spot in Mancos, it’s hard to imagine leaving my cozy Incubator and sometime (though rare) I want to go back to the days where my 1/4 acre was the whole world and farming as a profession was a mere question. I am very grateful for all of the learning and growing that the Old Fort has provided to me and while I definitely feel ready to move on, some small part of me will miss it dearly…

Just two more weeks of CSA pick up- last pick up is next week, Oct. 1st!

See you later today!

Max K.

Saying goodbye is hard… especially when there’s so much food involved!

Saying goodbye is hard… especially when there’s so much food involved!

What’s in Your Share?

Asian greens

One last taste of these spicy and crispy baby bok choys, mustards, mizunas, and broccoli leafs for the season! Mix with your head of lettuce this week for a stellar salad (don’t forget to make this 5 minute Asian salad dressing to drizzle on top).

Green beans

Our late season planting of green beans persevered through this weekend’s frost just enough to allow for one more picking, meaning that this tasty garlicky roasted green bean recipe awaits your tastebuds!

Head of broccoli

Broccoli season continues this week and and if you thought last week’s heads were tasty wait until you try these! Many of you have probably roasted your heads at some point this season but have you tried making stir fry with ginger and sesame?

Bunch of carrots

The carrot train keeps on a-rollin’ this week! I never thought I’d grow so many of these tasty orange sticks but life without them every week seems almost unimaginable at this point… besides how would you ever be able to enjoy something as delicious as roasted brown butter honey garlic carrots without them?!

Green onions

As known as scallions, these green onion bunches are the perfect addition to your favorite fried rice recipe (or check this one out for some inspiration…) be sure to rock out to some Booker T and the MGs while you chop away!

Head lettuce

My personal favorite heads of lettuce make a triumphant return this week- Little Gems! Equal parts tasty and cute they make a great salad base or can be thrown on top of literally any sandwich to add some crispy crunchiness.

Only 6,000 more pounds to go!

Only 6,000 more pounds to go!

Red potatoes

Last week we wrapped up our modest potato patch harvesting and walked away with some odd 2,000lbs of storage taters to sell through the cold months. However the potato train keeps rolling this week with our Potatoes for the People harvest party at Turtle Lake where we are hoping to harvest 5-6k pounds intended for local food banks this winter, woohoo! In celebration of spud season, try this creamy mashed potatoes recipe.

Salad turnips

In my humble opinion, it wouldn’t be a Fall CSA share without some type of turnip! Luckily, for those of you resistant to this quintessential root veggie, these Japanese turnips are sweet and small and the greens can be eaten too (excuse the bug damage). Try them sautéed with the greens added for a quick mid-week dinner.

Slicing tomatoes

Thanks to the protective microclimate that our high tunnel provides, our tomato plants were sparred from complete destruction during the frost that crept through our farm this weekend leaving us with at least one more round of mater harvests this week! This may be one of your last chances to make spaghetti with fresh tomato sauce

max kirks