CSA Week 14- Best of Both Worlds

Good morning,

Well it looks like my prediction of a frost coming last week came into fruition, officially signaling the end of our 2019 growing season. Things are definitely still growing, however a growing season is defined as the days between the last frost of spring and the first frost of fall bringing our season to a brief 12 week period this year- that’s high altitude farming for ya! Most things survived the cold temps but our squash, melons and cucumbers could be out for the count… With more cold snaps expected later this week we have (ahem) lots to do this week! Luckily there’s still plenty of food out there so we don’t expect our shares to be light anytime soon.


With all this cold and rainy weather it’s hard not to get excited about some change in pace coming up! Already our mornings have become noticeably more chill with the later sun rises and less pressure to beat the heat for harvesting. Most of our time spent at the farm these days consists of seemingly endless harvest, wash and pack, and while we are trying to savor the peak harvest season we are also getting antsy about all the groundwork we need to get done this fall in preparation for next year. In addition to putting all our current fields to rest with a nice cover crop for the winter, we also need to plot and break ground on the new field blocks we will be adding in 2020. Furthermore, I have been obsessing with how to make our operation more regenerative in nature and have been scheming on how to start a more large-scale composting operation to fill the microbial niche that our soil is desperately craving. With so much exciting stuff to do, it’s been a challenge to remain focused on the present, however according to some great Telegraph astrological omens maybe I just need to stop worrying and let things figure themselves out!

Until next time,

Max K.

What’s in Your Share?


You may remember from one of our previous newsletters that broccoli has been more of a challenge to grow this season than usual due to the hot temperatures and insect pressure. Thankfully, now that it has started to cool of, these beautiful heads are starting to thrive and you’ll reap the rewards with “the best broccoli of your life”!

Cherry tomatoes

We are thankful for the protection our high tunnel gives our tomatoes when the thermostat drops and apparently so are our tomato plants! While the plants themselves aren’t looking too hot these days, the fruit keeps cranking and the abundance a-flowin’. Figure out what to do with your box this week with 47 different recipes.


We’ve dubbed these cute little heads “Rocky Mountain Celery” due to the fact that they didn’t get that big but what they lack in size they make up for in taste! While you won’t get the 12 heads that this recipe calls for, you can still try braising celery for a savory side dish.

Head lettuce

Wow! Now this is the crop of head lettuce we’ve been waiting for! The Old Fort in Hesperus where we grow our greens has gotten a tad bit more moisture than Mancos and (yet again) the cool temps have yielded big, crisp heads of lettuce perfect for any salad or vegan lettuce wraps.


Soup season (semi) officially begins this week! Celebrate with the decadent slow cooker potato leek soup for dinner one of these nights.

Shishito peppers

Get one last taste of these summery treats before they head out on their merry way. If you haven’t had a chance to try this sautéed shishito recipe, now/s your time…

Yukon potatoes

Our Yukon potatoes matured much faster than any other variety this year for some reason-which is great for us because that means y’all can savor their creamy goodness even earlier! Ever wondered what it takes to harvest thousands of pounds of potatoes? Do you have the desire to help feed La Plata and Montezuma County residents in need? Then come on down to our Potatoes for the People Harvest Party next Wednesday in Turtle Lake Valley for some harvest fun and potluck!

Spinach Abundance.JPG


Nothing like a big old bag of spinach to say “Welcome to Fall”! If you’re like us, you’ll eat these tender green leaves with pretty much every meal, or try them sautéed with garlic.

Slicing tomatoes

‘Mater season is in full swing and all of our varieties are going off! This week you’ll receive a combination of heirloom, Big Beef and/or Roma in your share. No mat(t)er which ones you receive, they all would make a killer addition to a BLT.

max kirks