CSA Week 13- Turning Tides


Well it’s been a long time coming but I’m happy to say that the change in seasons is finally starting to be felt! While we welcome the cooler temps and spurts of rain, not everything is responding as jovially to the transition. Many of heat-loving crops are starting to lose their steam and are slowing down in productivity, ending a short yet fruitful growing cycle. Also, the shorter days and dropping degrees are telling the local wildlife that winter is coming and time to prepare. This has led to a series of unfortunately events involving our livestock over the last 24 hours… last night our prime milk goat, Amber, was tragically killed by what appears to a be a rattlesnake bit and this morning we found one of our resident lambs mauled by a mountain lion. While death on the farm can be sad and overwhelming, it’s important to remember that we are members of the ecosystem, not separate from it and often times we must be confronted with the realities of it.

On a different note, the change in weather has signaled a change in crop availability coming out of the field. With much colder nights expected over the next week we may see a drop off of our peppers, eggplant, summer squash, etc- so we’re loading you up with these crops this week in anticipation! But as some crops go, others come abound and we’re looking forward to some potato leek soup and roasted cauliflower in the next couple of weeks! So get out those turtlenecks and bust out the chai lattes ‘cause fall is coming!


Max K.

‘Mater Season!

‘Mater Season!

What’s in Your Share?

Bunch of carrots

The carrot train keeps on a-rollin’ this week! I never thought I’d grow so many of these tasty orange sticks but life without them every week seems almost unimaginable at this point… besides how would you ever be able to enjoy something as delicious as roasted brown butter honey garlic carrots without them?!

Slicing cucumber

My roommate Duke has world renowned cucumbers. He started his own farm called Sol Vista Farm just down Road G on a quint peace of property that include the gifts of a high tunnel, wash station and rich clay soil. Utilizing his season extension, he planted a boat load of cucumbers and since has been reaping 100s of pounds of some of the most sweet and crisp cucumbers this side of the Rocky Mountains! While our’s are no “Duke’s Cukes” they’re still pretty dang tasty ;) use up some tomatoes and onion in the marinated cucumber salad recipe.


Surprisingly, eggplant has been one of my favorite crops to grow this summer. The plants are huge yet their soft and delicate leaves are more inviting than the zukes or cukes. Also, it’s a cool sight to see a bunch of floating black orbs hanging off of them in the waning evening light. Try this Italian sautéed eggplant side dish!

Spring onions

Our onions still have a little time left in the field to size up into an acceptable storage crop, however that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the simple pleasures of caramelized onions right now!

Sweet peppers

If I’ve learned anything about growing peppers this year, it’s paramount to just forget that they’re even there sometimes! Compulsively checking peppers to see if they are ripe often leads to one picking them before they’re ready leaving you with a subpar culinary experience. Well we’ve been waiting as long as we could to pick these Italian sweet pepper varieties and I hop our patience has paid off!

Salad mix

We’re happy to see our greens production back on the up and up! They should be around until the end of season so don’t forget to make some yummy DIY salad dressings in preparation.

Snow peas

You may remember these dainty little purple snow peas from earlier this season… well they’re back and delicious as ever! Super easy to sauté with red (or sweet) pepper.

Summer squash

Enjoy the last taste of summer squash for the season (either the round yellow ones or zucchini) with some fritters!

Slicing tomatoes

‘Mater season is in full swing and all of our varieties are going off! This week you’ll receive a combination of heirloom, Big Beef and/or Roma in your share. No mat(t)er which ones you receive, they all would make a killer addition to a BLT.

max kirks