CSA Week 8- A Taste of the Good Life

The final tuck!

The final tuck!


As we enter the second half of our CSA season I just wanted to express how grateful us farmers are for all of awesome members! Sometimes endless hours of planting/weeding/harvesting/washing can be exhausting and lonely, however the moment we finish carefully tucking the share items into their boxes we know that all of hard work was totally worth it. There’s something enormously powerful about personally delivering a box of hand-tended goodies to folks that understand the importance of restructuring our greatly disconnected food system and show up, week after week, to reaffirm this believe the smiles and kind words. So let’s keep up the great work everyone!

In other news, Megan and I were (finally!) able to take our first full day off of the farm this past weekend! After Saturday’s market we hurried into the mountains via 550 to get some much needed mountain time. Going over the all-to-familiar mountain passes brought about many memories and future ambitions of adventures in the Juans. It’s interesting how a bit of commitment and responsibility can completely alter your perception of enjoyment. Just a few years ago, back in college, I would’ve been a anxious wreck driving around the over-crowded highways without being able to throw my pack on and leave the masses into the granite alters beyond. Yet this time around I was just grateful to watch the towering peaks pass by through my windshield and breathe in the crisp mountain air through my windows knowing that, like all cycles in life, I would be wondering through towering cathedrals again at some point.

I hope you can enjoy your special place at some point soon!

All the best,


Exploring a local  crag around Ridgway this past weekend.

Exploring a local crag around Ridgway this past weekend.

What’s in Your Share?

Purple basil

Even though you had some basil in your share last week, I just wanted to give y’all a taste of this beautiful purple variety! Use as you would with the green stuff, or impress your friends at a BBQ with this purple basil lemonade!

Tri color beets

This bunch of funky beets consists of a medley of red, golden and chioggia (also known as candy cane beets) coming together to form a colorful splash to any meal. They have such unruly-looking roots because we used our fancy new paperpot transplanter to plant them and when beets are transplanted their roots form many different tentacles instead of their normal singular one. Anyways… I haven’t been able to try this roasted beet with balsamic vinegar recipe yet but it sounds delightful!

Bunch of carrots

During my brief stint as a baker at Serious Delights Bakery I relished in the task of preparing our daily dose of carrot cake (mostly because I could lick the cream cheese frosting spatula afterwords!) If you, too, feel like putting on your baking cap, try this awesome carrot cake with cream cheese frosting recipe.

Summer crisp head lettuce

This variety of head lettuce has performed the best during these hot summer days. Chop up and use in your favorite salad or give these spicy pork asian wraps a shot and use some local pork that we have available at our Smiley Farm Stand ;)

Hungarian hot wax peppers

These pepper plants were from our friends at Mountain Roots Produce and they have been quite productive so far! Medium-hot on the heat scale, you can remove the seeds to mellow the kick or leave them in for some serious spice. Try this cheese stuffed wax peppers recipe to use up some of the parsley and garlic from your share as well!


Renting land the past few years has limited my ability to grow this highly sought-after crop due to lack of space to let it over winter (you have to plant garlic in the fall to harvest it the following summer). Well I was able to sneak some heads in at my old house and after a abundant snowy winter these heads are looking great! Use in favorite recipe.

Bunch of kale

Just as our last succession of kale was turning tough and sun-damaged the next round is coming on strong! We bunched red curly and green curly leaves together this week to add some nice color. Try this fresh kale salad for some seriously tasty health boosts!

Bunch of parsley

Cutting and bunching this aromatic herb is one of our favorite tasks on the farm! Wondering what to do with the bunch this week? Try frying it!

Stir fry medley

While other summer goodies (think cucumbers, eggplants, bell peppers, tomatoes) we be appearing in the next couple of weeks, we wanted to combine all the best sautéed things into one this week. This box contains tri color beans, sugar snap peas, and shishito peppers and can all be sautéed using this recipe.

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