CSA Week 10- Life's Virtues

Olli the Mountain Pup enjoying a rare afternoon off the farm.

Olli the Mountain Pup enjoying a rare afternoon off the farm.

Hello CSA Members!

I hope this letter finds you well-fed and itching for some more fresh, local goodness! I’m happy to report that things at the farm(s) are going well and some balance has been struck this past week with some much needed slow time. As the operation becomes bigger and more time-consuming, my definitely of “free time” has been dramatically altered. A season or two ago, free time would’ve consisted of a three day weekend getaway filled with ample time driving, hiking, climbing- you name it. These days I’m just happy to take an afternoon “off” where the only pressing tasks are making sure everything gets watered and the greenhouse closes. These leisurely afternoons have been offering enough contrast to the standard run-around-until-9pm days of this summer to allow some time to walk the dogs, play some guitar and just genuinely enjoy my surroundings and recognize that it’s all good, man.

But really, everything is looking great! All of our hot season crops are starting to go off, our greens a maintaining a steady supply, carrots of coming out of the ground almost daily, and every day more and more tomatoes are slipping into their beautiful red hue. As crops become more established in our “thistle field” we are learning to let go of absolute cleanliness and except that as long as things get to a point to become harvestable, who cares about a little pokey thing? This learning of letting go has been essential to getting some other projects going at the farm such as preparing new ground for next season and updating water infrastructure- the show must go on!

I hope you’re weekly is equally as pleasant and productive and see you all this afternoon with some more goodies!


Max K.

Just sitting here waiting like…

Just sitting here waiting like…

What’s in Your Share?


I wanted to give you one last taste of the incredibly fragrant basil that will soon begin to wilt due to the cooler nighttime temps in the field at the Old Fort :( it was a good run though! I also thought that this basil fried rice recipe would be the perfect goodbye.

Bunch of carrots

The carrot train keeps on a-rollin’ this week! I never thought I’d grow so many of these tasty orange sticks but life without them every week seems almost unimaginable at this point… besides how would you ever be able to enjoy something as delicious as roasted brown butter honey garlic carrots without them?!

Head of broccoli

With some much acreage to grow on this season I decided to plant space-loving broccoli every two weeks in hopes of having a continual harvest all summer long. We were on track to achieve this goal until a particularly nasty wave of aphids came and decimated one of our successions. We took this unexpected opportunity to work with Mother Nature and allowed that succession to become a “trap crop” in which the nasty pests could continue to overtake that section of the field in hopes of leaving the rest of our plantings unscathed. Well this technique has seemed to work and we’re stoked to be back on track! Garlic parmesan roasted broccoli

Slicing cucumber

After getting a taste of cucumber last week in the form of the picklin’ variety i hope you’re ready for some slicers! This week we have two different kinds coming on, your standard slicer and a new curvy Japanese variety. Both can be used in the same manner and make a particularly tasty cucumber salad!

Head of lettuce

Growing heads of lettuce in our hot, dry summertime climate can be particularly challenging. Too much heat causes the heads to prematurely bolt and not enough water can make the leaves bitter. One of the best strategies for overcoming these obstacles is choosing the varieties and I believe we found a good one with this little gem-type red and green variety. Chop up and transform into your favorite salad.


The last little taste of our modest garlic crop! These big, deeply-hued cloves are a pleasure to chop and would work well in a number of different recipes at your fingertips in this week’s newsletter ;)

Bunch of red kale

Inside the tough exterior of each kale leaf lies a nutrient-dense, antioxidant laden world of preventive healthcare goodness! Kale is especially good for you when consumed raw (i.e. not cooked) and this raw red kale salad recipe is sure to give your taste buds a joyful experience!

Spring onions

Onions have been a particularly challenging crop for me in past years- I just can never seem to have them bulb up! Well this year is already starting to look a lot better and the proof is in the pudding with this fresh onions. Remove tops and use as you would any other onion.

Pepper medley

While we sit and patiently wait for our tomatoes to ripen, many different kinds of peppers are starting to become available! This week features a sampler of these different flavors with some more shishitos, poblanos and purple bells.

max kirks