CSA Week 9- Heat to Beat

CSA Members,

Just when the weather teased us with some cool temps and even a little bit of rain, things have seemed to flop back this week and we’re right back to those early mornings and midday siestas to try to beat the heat! That being said, excuse me if this week’s newsletter is rather brief… One of our Allstar employees is out bagging the highest peak in Wyoming so that leaves Megan and I the sole packers of CSA and wholesale this week. So at the risk of sounding like a broken record, there’s lots to do today! I hope you can find some tasty ways to enjoy this week’s share and get excited for more summertime abundance in the next few weeks!

All the best,

Max K.

Onions are starting to bulb up nicely!

Onions are starting to bulb up nicely!

What’s in Your Share?

Bunch of carrots

During my brief stint as a baker at Serious Delights Bakery I relished in the task of preparing our daily dose of carrot cake (mostly because I could lick the cream cheese frosting spatula afterwords!) If you, too, feel like putting on your baking cap, try this awesome carrot cake with cream cheese frosting recipe.


What’s a better way to savor the flavors of summer than with a fresh bunch of cilantro?! It pairs notoriously well with lime so skip the lines at Zia and make your very own lime-cilantro rice at home.

Pickling cucumbers

Our cucumber block is finally starting to take off and the first to pile up have been this “Cool Customer” pickling variety. With a slightly tougher skin and desirable size they are a great choice to start thinking about making pickled goods with but they are just as tasty sliced and eaten fresh!

Summer leeks

Growing leeks in a market garden can be a challenge- you want to have those long white shafts which often require hilling them with a tractor. Without the equipment for doing this we’ve learned to dibble individual holes that are 6-12'“ deep and placing the leek starts in this hole so they can develop those delectable shafts. Anyways, they are just starting to size up and we want to share their amazing flavor with you all! Can be used in the same manner as onions or check out these recipes for some out-of-this-world meals!

Jalapeno peppers

Hot pepper season continues this week with the introduction of everyone’s favorite spicy treat! Can be added to pretty much any Mexican dish for some zesty flare or can be used in anything from crepes to pesto.

“Baby Spice” Salad Mix

I’ve been pretty impressed with how well we’ve been staying on top of our greens production this year. By planting succession more or less every two weeks we’ve been able to have a pretty consistent supply all summer and you get to reap the rewards of our timing by having fresh greens in nearly every share, woohoo! This week, baby spice makes a come back with baby mustards, mizuna, and bok choy mixed with your standard lettuce greens- enjoy fresh and preferably in some sort of salad.


Everyone’s favorite “superfood” picked tender and fresh! Keep that health kick going with this detox spinach smoothie recipe 😋


The summer squash makes a return this week! Keeping it simple with some small and tasty zucchinis that make a delicious baked treat.

max kirks