CSA Week 3- Lots to Do!

Greetings from yours truly and our new baby goat friend!

Greetings from yours truly and our new baby goat friend!

Well CSA Members,

I’m happy to say that we’ve made it past the crux month of June and we’re excited to slowly transition into a more sane lifestyle! That’s not to say that all will be slow and easy from now on (quite the contrary actually), however most of the major plantings have been wrapped up and we’re on our way to spending our time weeding, irrigating and harvesting (not weeding/irrigating/harvesting/planting/prepping/building/etc.) That being said, there’s lots to do today! Gotta head out to the field to continue harvesting the goodies that will be in your CSA boxes today so I’m going to leave you with some recipes and I look forward to seeing you all this afternoon!



PS- We are trying our very best to bring you new and exciting varieties of vegetables during this very slow going growing season and we appreciate you’re patience with this! Please remember that while the contents of your CSA box may be a little light right now, we will compensate once things really get rolling- thanks for your understanding!

The carrots are getting close!

The carrots are getting close!

What’s in Your Share?

Bunched baby beets

Growing beets early in the season is a tricky endeavor.. they like warm soil temps to germinate but become heat-stressed once outside temperatures get hot. We transplanted this crop out in the field in early May so that we could harvest around this time. Try this buttery french peasant beet recipe that uses up those greens as well (try substituting your spinach for the chard in the recipe!)

Summer cabbage

We spent countless hours digging out our cabbage and broccoli transplants from their snow-covered row clothes back in May so that we could have an early round ready- and it seems to have paid off! Nothing says summertime flavors in mind like this super simple baja slaw.

Bunch of cilantro

Our roommate had his mom visiting for the past couple of days and we demoed this one pot cilantro chicken recipe and we all gave it two big thumbs up (besides Megan, who’s a vegetarian..)

Head lettuce

We’re trying to not overwhelm you with tons of greens this early season, however our lettuce game has been on point so far and we can’t help but share these delicious, tender heads with you! Healthy vegan lettuce wraps anyone?

Sprig of mint

The mint at our house is going crazy so we thought we’d give you all a little taste of this bounty. And then I remembered how much I love mint lemonade! Mmm refreshing!

“Baby Spice” salad mix

We’ve had a lot of requests at farmers market to combine our tender baby lettuce mix with the pleasantly spicy-ness of our asian greens mix.. so we did and we named it “Baby Spice”! Enjoy as a base for your favorite salad.

Bag of spinach

Spinach is tricky to keep around once it gets hot out but we’ll try the best we can to grow it all summer long! Sautéed garlic spinach recipe is sure to please.

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