CSA Week 5- A Flowth


Unfortunately I don’t have much time to chat this morning (lots to do, as they say) so I will just leave you all with a couple of nice-looking pictures from this past week. Also, I am so excited about this week’s share and hope you are all too! It seems like summer-time is finally upon us and the bounty has started to a-flowth- so get ready!

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Max K.

I’d make a veggie joke, but no one would carrot all.

I’d make a veggie joke, but no one would carrot all.

What’s in Your Share?

Baby arugula

Staying sharp with the arugula harvest is always tricky- cut it too early and you can expect next to nothing in yields, too late and often you’re left with a spicy, floppy mess. This week we nailed it. Try equal parts arugula and basil to make a seriously delicious pesto!


Basil is one of my favorite crops to grow with it’s ever-expanding bush-like growth structure and salivating aroma. A little later than usual this year but we’re so happy to have it back around! Feeling fancy? How about some cherry basil lemonade?

Tri color beets

This bunch of funky beets consists of a medley of red, golden and chioggia (also known as candy cane beets) coming together to form a colorful splash to any meal. They have such unruly-looking roots because we used our fancy new paperpot transplanter to plant them and when beets are transplanted their roots form many different tentacles instead of their normal singular one. Anyways… I haven’t been able to try this roasted beet with balsamic vinegar recipe yet but it sounds delightful!

Broccoli head

These broccoli heads would be something I’d be proud to bring home to ma! Our succession plantings of this classic brassica have been pretty on point and we’re excited to see the bigger-headed varieties already starting to head up. Caramelized broccoli with garlic= the bomb.

Bunch of carrots

Just as the last bag of storage carrots from last fall is starting to rot in our refrigerator, the first round from this year start to roll out. This week’s bunch could be constituted as “baby” carrots, but who cares?! We’re just so happy to have our favorite crunchy veggie snack back!

Green curly kale

I recently stumbled across these 61 kale recipes and my perception of kale has completely changed… I hope the same goes for you.

Salad mix

If we had a flagship item it would most likely be our tender baby lettuce mix. After years of experimenting with the most economical and tasty way of growing these, we feel confident in this year’s batch. Expect to get of at least a few more bags of these throughout the season!

Sweet cherries

Megan blissing-out in cherry land.

Megan blissing-out in cherry land.

Moody clouds enveloped the majority of the north Animas Valley as we crossed over the milkshake-thick Hermosa Creek. Grooves of finely manicured orchards and gardens adorned each idyllic house that we passed, quickly transporting us from our familiar home of Southwest Colorado to somewhere only my imagination has been. Pulling in through the mechanized entrance gate my dream-like state was only enhanced when I gazed upon row after row of ancient cherry trees that were literally overflowing with tiny spheres of bright red, yellow and magenta. I think I’ve reached heaven…

We had a chance to pick some cherries from an orchard in Hermosa Creek and wanted to share the bounty with you! Eat fresh or find your favorite recipe.

max kirks