CSA Week 16- A Gentle Dissolve

CSA Members,


Believe it or not the last CSA drop off of the season is here and while we're ready for a change of pace we will definitely miss the excitement of putting together each week's box and seeing all of your lovely faces each week! When I started my first CSA with Fields to Plate Produce in 2016 I never imagined that the program would get to a point that it would a relaxed and enjoyable experience, however this season I feel like that this mentality has been achieved all while providing the most top quality items we possibly can. While no doubt the priority of a CSA program is to provide your customers with an exceptional product, I believe that ease of operations for the farmer is integral in the viability of the model. In order for locally-grown food to be more than just a boutique affair we must ensure the profitability of the producer and the number one way to achieve that is to make sure that they don't burn themselves out! I guess what I am trying to say through all of this is that I am very grateful to have had such great CSA members this year, so thank you!


On the farm, things are beginning to slow down and the inevitable demise of production is underway. That isn't to say that there's no more food left (quite the contrary actually) but the endless rounds of succession and plants maturing is over and the end is in sight! Per our land lease agreements with the Old Fort where we rent land, we must be out of the field by Oct 1st so once that field is under wraps we will set our sights on the Turtle Lake plot and the thousands of pounds of storage crop we'll pull from there. Once everything is out of the field and into it's cozy winter storage we are all looking forward to some much desired down time filled with house projects, outdoor time, and mind/body/soul restoration. Fear not though, we already have next year on the backburner of our minds and are excited to offer another CSA program next year! Please take the time to fill out our brief member satisfaction survey (link can be found in the email) so that we may focus on our strengths and build on our weaknesses. We hope that you all have enjoyed the program this year and also revel in a slower pace of life- we all deserve it this year!   

With love,

Max K.

CSA Manager

What's In the Box?


Not every apple is created equal and we're proud to showcase our field manager's prized crop that were harvested from one of the food forests he helped establish. We frequently slap a big dollip of peanut butter on a slice in the field for a great mid-morning snack 


Filled with countless health benefits and sweet sugars, beets are an easy way to add serious color and flavor to any dish! Check out some of these unBEETable recipes to stimulate the imagination 


Everyone knows that roasting is a surefire way to enjoy carrots, however try this honey garlic roasted garlic recipe to turn it up to 11! 


Roasted cauliflower has quickly replaced broccoli as my favorite brassica dish and this parmesan-roasted recipe will be sure to please!


Nice tender green leaves comprise this week's bunches which are perfect for a salad or smoothie.


Onions can be a surprisingly tricky crop to grow here in the Southwest. While it does not like to plant too deeply (otherwise it tends to "bullneck" like these ones), they also can dry out in our hot summers, so finding that perfect balance is difficult. Nonetheless these are as fresh and flavorful as they get so enjoy!


The first round of our storage potato harvest at my dad's house in Dolores went over very successfully last Friday and we're excited to share these beautiful big red spuds with you! Tender and creamy texture makes for a perfect mashed potato.

Salad mix

What would a CSA share from us be without some delicious baby greens?! This week's varieties are baby curly, red,and romaine leaf lettuce as well as baby bok choy leaves, yum!


Last but not least we have some greenhouse-grown tomatoes that have ripened off the vine. Not quite as tasty as vine-ripened tomatoes but we needed to do that in order for them to be ready in time. Enjoy!

max kirks